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Patient Testimonials

We know we’re great at what we do but what do our patients think?

Just to say a huge thank you to the team!

To Ashe for being so supportive and holding our hands and for all of the advice and guidance (on laser eye surgery). To Sarah for all her help and support. To Mr Ross for giving us unaided vision – having both worn glasses and lenses for 30 years it’s amazing not to have to think about them. His manner and patience was brilliant from initial consultation at the Marriott right through!

To Mr Mantry for helping me out in a small period of being uncomfortable! It really helped. And Pauline for always being there with a smile and a coffee. Thank you all, I can’t say it enough!


Dear Mr Ross, How to express thanks so someone who does a job like yours – ‘thank you’ seems somewhat inadequate. I admire your courage, your skill and particularly your approachable manner, which did make the whole procedure easier for me.

I can’t begin to imagine the thought that you and the theatre team put into making that procedure (lens replacement surgery) of precision work as quiet and unobtrusive as possible for the patient. So for all of that ‘thank you’.

Dear Mr Ross, Thank you so much for giving me such great eyesight.

I had spectacles since I was seven and had worn contact lenses from when I was seventeen – 54 years. My vision was very poor and I know I was a challenge and very nervous. You patiently answered all my questions – put me at ease. The procedure was painless, the results in a short time were fantastic. I should also like to thank Ashe for her positive manner and again the way she answered my questions and gave me the good news about my vision after surgery.

Sarah also, she was patient, answered all my emails and sorted out any issues quickly and efficiently. All in all after a nervous start I gained in confidence and the team gave me a result I could never have dreamed of. A dream come true. Many thanks once more, I am so grateful.


Dear Mr Ross, I had a consultation last Thursday. All my life I have had good eyesight with one long-sighted and one short-sighted eye and so did not have to rely on spectacles at all.

I developed a cataract in my short-sighted eye about five years ago and had it removed at (Spire) Murrayfield Hospital. The lens replacement gave me mid-distance vision which meant having to wear spectacles for all close work. I did not have any spectacular improvement in the my sight after the operation. My sight in that eye deteriorated significantly over the past year and my vision was very blurred at all distances. Following the laser eye surgery treatment last Thursday, driving round the by-pass , I kept exclaiming ‘I can read that’, ‘I can see that clearly!’

I have been telling everyone how wonderful it has been. I realise that my sight will deteriorate again and I will eventually need the cataract in my long-sighted eye removed but I greatly appreciate the present improvement. Thank you so much for seeing and treating me so promptly.

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Just a wee note to say thank you so much for all your care and attention. As you know, although desperate for some improvement to my vision, I was extremely apprehensive at the thought of cataract surgery, but the time you spent with me to explain the procedures and show me around, certainly inspired me and gave me courage and confidence.

I’m delighted to say that I was looked after wonderfully and have benefited greatly from the huge improvement in my vision resulting from your expert treatment.

Many thanks to the lovely Sarah,Ashe and Julie; also, to your theatre and nursing colleagues. You have been brilliant.


Dear Mr Ross, What can I say? The whole world shines again!

This is just a short note to say a very big thank you.
Post cataract surgery – Eyesight is such a priceless gift as I am completely ‘blown away’ by the miraculous improvement to my vision following your surgery. The results thus far, are everything I could possibly have hoped for and I cannot praise you and your wonderful team (enough) for the expert and very kind treatment I received whilst in your care.

With my vision restored I am now really looking forward to enjoying and fully appreciating all that our natural world has t offer as not having to wear glasses for all my outdoor activities is a tremendous bonus. Heartfelt thanks, gratitude and appreciation – I am a very ‘happy bunny’.

Dear Mr Mantry, Ashe, Sarah and all the other kind people who helped make a scary experience easier to copy with. The very best thing about my lovely new eyes are brilliant colours and stars.

The night sky is again full of stars when its clear. The worst thing is seeing all the dust I’ve been able to ignore for some time. I chose this card as it is a very colourful piece of street art from here in Inverness. I photographed it, but can see the colours more intensely now. I wont witter on too long but I just wanted to say thank you for all the kind attention I received (during my laser eye surgery).


Dear Jonathan, Ashe, Sarah, the theatre team, and everyone at Laser Vision Scotland! Thank you so much for helping me to finally experience life without glasses!

My sight is so important to me, it took me some time to pluck up the courage to inquire about the possibility of getting (laser eye) surgery, but I am so glad I did! Thank you all for being so supportive, I know I am in good hands!

Everything suddenly seems so vibrant and 3D – is this how normal people always see?!?! It took me a long time to recover, but I thin I’m just about there now!!!
While I was in early stages of recovery, I couldn’t read, or watch TV, or do much really…but I could do origami! So, here is an origami fox in trademark Laser Vision purple

Dear Mr Ross, Belatedly, a huge thanks for the laser eye surgery you did for me a week ago last Thursday!

I had a headache for a couple of hours after it, but as I didn’t have any paracetamol or anything, I didn’t take a painkiller and it quite soon went. All that happened then was that I had the most amazing vision again, like when you first did it. I was able to identity a chaffinch up a tree on the Saturday, to the amazement of my ‘walker’ friends!

I didn’t really have any side effects at all – just brilliant vision again, very bright, clear and colourful, from a few hours afterwards. I’m going to tentatively stick my neck out and say that it does appear to have been completely successful.